What Are The Types Of Liposuction?

Liposuction is a widely performed aesthetic surgery to eliminate unwanted adipose tissue and to sculpt certain parts of the body. With the development of techniques and technology, there are various forms of liposuction that have been developed with their pros. This article will look at the different types of the liposuction procedures to help you determine the most suitable one for you.

Traditional Liposuction

Traditional Liposuction or Tumescent Liposuction is the most conventional form of liposuction that is performed today. This involves the use of a solution that is administered into the fatty tissue and consists of saline, lidocaine and epinephrine. This fluid assists in the process of anesthesia of the area, control of bleeding, and ease of liposuction of the fat cells. The Liposuction cost in Pakistan can be different based on your selected clinic or hospital. You can refer to your surgeon for the cost details.

How It Works

Local anesthetic is administered and a small cut is made in the area that requires treatment and a cannula is inserted. The cannula is connected to a vapid machine, which draws out the adipose tissue. This method is most suitable for the large areas of the body like the stomach, thigs, and butts.

  • Pros: For big surfaces, a reliable procedure that has been around for a while.
  • Cons: The disadvantages include a longer period of recovery, greater chances of getting bruises and swelling.

Laser-Assisted Liposuction

The type of liposuction that incorporates the use of lasers to emulsify the fat is known as laser assisted liposuction or SmartLipo. Laser is also capable of emitting heat that can aid in the production of collagen, thus, tightening the skin.

How It Works

A small incision is made and a laser fiber is then passed through it to emit laser energy to the fat cells. Once the fat is melted it is then removed through a tube called a cannula. This in turn produces heat which leads to skin tightening as a result of the laser treatment.

  • Pros: Possible complications are less, recovery time is short and it has the added benefit of skin tightening.
  • Cons: Not very suitable for doing large areas, which require fat removal; there is a risk of getting burns if done improperly.

Ultrasound-Assisted Liposuction

The VASER Lipo ultrasounds the fat making it easier to break down fat cells and suck them out of the body. This method is most useful when treating areas of the body which are relatively more fibrous.

How It Works

A probe is then introduced into the area of interest and the use of ultrasound waves to break down the fat cells is performed. The liquefied fat is then sucked out with the help of a cannula.

  • Pros: For the fibrous areas it is efficient, can work on larger volumes of fat, and does not harm the neighboring tissues.
  • Cons: Cheaper, possibility of a longer healing period than the laser-based procedures.

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Power-Assisted Liposuction

In PAL, the surgeon uses a cannula that moves back and forth to emulsify the fat tissue. This method can indeed hasten the fat removal process and tend to be more effective.

How It Works

A cannula is inserted through a small cut made on the skin to facilitate the easy and efficient elimination of fat. They assist in breaking down the fat deposits hence easy to remove through the suctioning process.

  • Pros: Quicker, the surgeon is less tired, better fat harvesting.
  • Cons: May not result in the skin tightening that the laser assisted options provide, can be costlier.

Selecting the Appropriate Kind of Liposuction

When selecting the most appropriate type of liposuction, some of the factors that one can consider include; the location of the body part to be treated, the amount of fat that is expected to be suctioned out, the skin tautness and the general health condition of the patient. A qualified and experienced board certified plastic surgeon can help you decide and determine the most suitable surgery for you. Book your appointment to get Liposuction in Karachi if you are in the area.


The various types of liposuction are accompanied by their advantages and possible complications. For major areas, traditional liposuction is still recommended; however, laser liposuction and ultrasonic liposuction provide the advantages of skin contraction and improved results in fibrous regions. Liposuction assisted by a power tool is faster and more accurate. Knowing the distinctions between these options will enable you to get the outcomes you want from body contouring.

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