What are the topics covered in the ACCA Exam Papers?

ACCA, or the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, is a globally recognised professional accounting body known for its world-class education and curriculums for aspiring finance students and professionals.

Is the ACCA worth it?

Yes. One of the most distinguishing factors that set ACCA apart from other accountancy qualifications is this: ACCA courses and subjects aim to develop international business acumen and accounting skills in students. ACCA also opens doors for employment within the industry around the globe.

The subjects covered in the acca exam papers help you develop a solid foundation in accounting and shape you into a competent professional fit for the challenging industry ahead.

There are a total of 13 ACCA exam papers that you must attempt and complete before obtaining your certification.

Here are the topics and 13 acca exam papers you will encounter:

  1. Business and Technology (B&T): This topic is an independent subject, theoretical and can be a great place to start in the acca exams.
  2. Financial Accounting (FA): This topic is an acca subject that is moderately logic-based and easy to attempt after B&T.
  3. Management Accounting: This topic is an intense logic-based subject which can be great to attempt after (FA).
  4. Skill level exams: Start with Business and Corporate Law papers, as this is an easy paper to crack. You can get through this subject using route learning.
  5. Financial Reporting is like financial accounting and can be easy to crack after your law papers.
  6. Taxation: This is a rule-based acca subject where governmental rates, figures, dates and regulations matter. The good part is that you do not need to memorise statistical facts like tax rates. These rates and figures will be provided to you along with your questionnaire for the exams.
  7. Audit and Assurance (AA): Once you finish financial reporting, you can choose audit and assurance as the next acca exam to clear.
  8. Financial Management: Independent of the above concepts, this is an independent subject that teaches you the time value of money and can be great to attempt after Audit and Assurance.
  9. Performance Management: This is an extremely logical acca paper that you can pass with proper training and study.
  10. Professional Level: Choose the Strategic Business Leader (SBL) exams as your first choice as they require three full months of study time.
  11. Strategic business reporting is a theory paper and can be best attempted after SBL.
  12. You will be granted a choice of 2 papers out of the 4 remaining acca papers which are essentially a deeper level of the applied skills subjects.
  13. Options? Advanced performance managementAdvanced audit and assuranceadvanced financial managementadvanced taxation.

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This is also the prescribed order for attempting the acca exams as per a leading acca coaching institute. You may be able to clear the acca exams in one attempt following this order with adequate preparation and help with the acca study material.

In Conclusion, enrolling into the acca is not the end of your efforts but the beginning. With help and study strategies, you can complete the acca exams in a short period. 

The ACCA curriculum also helps you develop into a global finance professional. That’s why studying the acca subjects is never a wasted effort. Consider enrolling on a reputed acca support course if you wish to obtain more insights and help with clearing the acca exams.

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