Top 5 Bunsen Burner Models to Consider for Your Lab in 2024

A Bunsen burner is an indispensable accessory in many scientific laboratories; it is a convenient and easily adjustable source of light and heat required for many tasks. Depending on the development of technologies that are being incorporated into Bunsen burners, its features and operation efficiencies will also continue to improve. But if you’re willing to upgrade your burners or perhaps furnish your lab with them in the year 2024, then you may want to consider the following.

Fisher Scientific Premium Bunsen Burner

1. Its main components are the head, burner port, venturi tubes, and burner needle as well as a support tube and knobs for making adjustments. Introduction The Fisher Scientific Premium Bunsen Burner is a versatile burner well suited for various purposes, from practical laboratory use to research purposes. The support tube also produces less heat to prevent the user from burning their hand when holding it. The Büchner and the Fisher Scientific Premium Bunsen Burner are slightly different.

  • The Fisher Scientific Premium Bunsen Burner model is highly recommended as we have seen it to be very efficient and to last long.
  •  For this purpose, this model comes equipped with a sturdy metal stand so that Young’s modulus measurement setup can be employed without stress and the chances of an accident occurring in the lab can be minimized. 
  • It has an adjustable air intake control which assists in the regulation of flame height and heat output. 
  • The gas burner is adaptable to both natural gas and liquid propane which makes it convenient in a multitude of laboratory applications.
  • Also, this particular model, Fisher Scientific Premium Bunsen Burner has a specifically designed safety feature.
  •  it has a safety valve that instantly cuts off the supply of gas to the burner when the flame is put off thus eliminating the chances of outputting gas in the lab.
  •  Due to client-end features such as flexibility and reliability, the product is equally suitable for use in schools and professional labs.

2. Cole-Parmer Eisco Bunsen Burner 

Flame Stabilizer is a premium Bunsen burner ideal for laboratory use. The burner comes with a flame stabilizer that enables the flame to be more steady.

The COLE-PARMER EISCO BUNSEN BURNER is another burn manufacturer’s new model which comes with a flame stabilizer, which means the company’s flame is steady and accurate. This feature is highly beneficial for experiments in which several parts need to be heated at a specific temperature to maintain consistency. It is produced from brass material thus ensuring that it will withstand heat and be durable at the same time.


As is well known, safety is always a critical factor in any laboratory, and the VWR Advanced Safety Bunsen Burner is no exception in this regard also owing to the following safety options that do come with the Bunsen Burner. This model is equipped with a gas shutoff mechanism that allows for a cut-off in case of the flame goes off accidentally. Moreover, it possesses a heat tolerance base and has a flame arrester incorporated into its design to help contain possible flashback accidents.


The Boc Edwards Digital Bunsen Burner is a state-of-the-art burner with digital control of parameters and read-out of the burner status. Users have the ability to regulate the flame intensity with sight accuracy, with the aid of a digital display to indicate data on flame intensity.


Selecting the best Bunsen burner requires one to follow certain specific factors in order to have the best Bunsen burner for use in the laboratory. This text is about the Fisher Scientific Premium, Cole-Parmer Eisco, Meker-Fisher High-Temperature, VWR Advanced Safety, and Boc Edwards Digital bunsen burners that are available in the market because each comes with different characteristics that are suitable for different laboratories. Regardless of the basic needs that a lab oven must fulfill, such as safety, accuracy, or ability to reach high temperatures, not to mention having digital controls in 2024, the following are the most recommended to purchase. It is also important to note that when people choose to invest their money in better equipment such as the Bunsen burners, not only will the lab be more capable but working conditions will also be safer and more productive.

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