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Living in the centre of Mumbai’s ever-changing cityscape is a very unique experience. When I decided to relocate to Prabhadevi and purchase aflat for sale in Prabhadevi, MumbaiI knew it was the correct choice for me. The temptation of New City Living, with its promises of enriching experiences and modern amenities, was too strong to resist. What drew me to Eon One was not only its outstanding location but also its well-planned design and luxury amenities. With a huge 3 BHK spacious home in Prabhadevi, Mumbai, that included sea-facing terraces, I knew I’d wake up to stunning views every morning. The abundance of natural light and sea breeze that floods through the airy units adds to the attractiveness of this luxury destination.

Living at Eon One is more than just a change of address; it’s about embracing an entirely new way of life. As a film industry professional, being in the heart of Mumbai’s cultural hub is critical, and Eon One puts me just where I need to be. I haven’t regretted my decision since, and I’m looking forward to seeing how this project will continue to improve my city living experience. Let’s get started with my Eon One review:

Eon One Amenities You’ll Love

Finding the right balance between work and pleasure is critical for everyone working in the film industry. That’s why Eon One’s amenities piqued my interest from the outset. From unwinding after a long day of filming to organising gatherings with friends, there is something for everyone.

  1. Swimming Pool: Take a relaxing plunge to start or end your day.
  2. Gym (Overlooking the Pool): Stay fit while admiring the tranquil pool views.
  3. Indoor Games and Entertainment Room: These are enjoyable activities for rainy days or lazy weekends.
  4. Landscaped Walking Trail: Enjoy nature while remaining active.
  5. Children’s Play Area: A safe and entertaining environment for young children.
  6. Terrace Amenities: Ideal for events or simply taking in the environment.
  7. Easy Ramp Parking: (8 Levels, EV-enabled) is both convenient and environmentally friendly.
  8. Elite Security: Videophone security systems provide safety and comfort of mind.
  9. Integrated Access Control: Residents have seamless access with high-speed elevators provide effortless vertical transit.
  10. Advanced Fire Safety Systems: Ensuring Safety in All Facets of Life.

With these amenities at my disposal, Eon One indeed provides a comprehensive living experience that matches my hectic profession in the film industry.

4 Reasons Why I Recommend Buying A Home In Eon One 

1. Location Advantages

As a film industry professional, living in Eon One provides unequalled convenience. With Convent Girls’ High School just 2 minutes away, Life Care Hospital 5 minutes away, and Dadar Beach only a 4-minute walk away, daily life gets much more accessible. Need to catch the bus? The Siddhivinayak Mandir Bus Stop is literally on your doorstep, about a minute away. Plus, Sunshine Tower, a well-known landmark, is only an 8-minute drive away. Eon One’s strategic location means that everything you need is easily accessible, allowing you to focus on what is truly important while taking in the lively energy of Mumbai’s urban setting.

2. Lifestyle At Eon One

Living in Eon One is an absolute pleasure. The modern, effectively built layouts guarantee that each apartment has a gorgeous sea-facing deck, ideal for taking in the breathtaking views and enjoying the refreshing sea breeze. The thoughtfully built and airy units flood with natural light, providing a tranquil setting that quickly rejuvenates the soul. Eon One genuinely provides quiet and luxurious apartments for sale in Prabhadevi, Mumbai, amidst the fast-paced adrenaline of the city’s dynamic cityscape.

3. Eon Group Reputation

At the heart of Eon Group is a desire to change real estate by focusing on an intelligent combination of aspects for significant value. With a philosophy founded on “sense and sensibility,” they value transparency and efficiency over superficiality. Their approach creates contemporary living areas that achieve the appropriate mix, providing their inhabitants with a more rewarding lifestyle. The Eon Group is committed to redefining the standard of modern life through inventive design and unshakable honesty.

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4. Eon One Price

Eon One’s 3-bedroom deck mansions begin at Rs. 6.21 crores, with two BHK units having sold out.


As a film industry professional, my experience with Eon One has been nothing short of cinematic. Every detail, from the sea-facingproperties for sale in Prabhadevi, Mumbaito the attentive amenities, demonstrates the hotel’s dedication to contemporary elegance. Nestled in the heart of Mumbai’s dynamic skyline, Eon One provides more than simply a home; it is a lifestyle full of stimulating activities. If you are actively searching for a new home, I would surely recommend that you start by checking verified apartments for sale listed on NoBroker.in!

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