Choosing the Right Online Brokerage Platform: Factors to Consider for a Seamless Trading Experience

Technological advancements have created a boom in the stock market by increasing the number of online brokerage platforms over the years. Hence, it is important to know your trading style when choosing a brokerage platform. We need to consider some factors before selecting the right online brokerage platform. Before that, let’s briefly discuss an online broker.

Online Brokering Platforms

An online brokerage platform is an online trading platform to buy and sell securities. Trading platforms are offered by brokers either free or at a discount in exchange for maintaining a funded account or for making a specified number of trades per month. The trading platform offering robust features and low fees is considered to be the best brokerage platform.

With the help of an online brokerage platform, you can seamlessly buy and sell TCS share price or diversify your investment at the tip of your finger.

Factors to Consider while Choosing an Online Broker

There are several factors to consider while choosing an online broker, such as account types, available markets, costs and fees, and trading hours. Below is an explanation of the factors to be considered:

Available Markets

Look for a brokerage platform that provides a variety of markets where you can trade, such as stock and index markets, foreign exchange markets, ETFs, Bond markets, commodity markets, and IPOs.


In trading, a spread is the difference between a financial instrument’s ask (offer) and bid (sell) prices. It is important in determining the price of derivatives like CFDs as it gives insights into how the derivatives are priced. Brokers may set their own spreads, which are often wider. Some brokers offer low spreads but charge a commission per trade, while others include their fees within the spread.

Trading costs

When you are trading with an online broker, it is important to be aware of the trading fee. While creating an account is usually free, some charges are involved when opening and closing positions. The charges depend on the type of trader you are – for instance, a day trader won’t pay overnight funding if they open and close their positions in a single trading day.

Commission rates

Trading commission rates often differ from broker to broker, so it is advisable to consider asking commission rates when choosing an online broker.

Educational material

Finding an online broker that offers training materials and learning resources can help you in your trading journey. It is important to understand how trading works before opening any position.

Types of Trading Platforms

There are two main types of trading platforms, namely commercial and proprietary platforms.

  • Commercial Platforms: Commercial trading platforms are designed for a range of investors, including intraday traders and retail investors. They are easy to use and provide traders with useful features, such as real-time quotes, international news feeds, live interactive charts, educational content, and research tools. Many popular sites are commercial platforms.
  • Proprietary Platforms: Proprietary trading platforms are customised and developed by large brokerages and other financial institutions for their clients. Using proprietary platforms allows institutions to gain direct access to the markets, giving them a competitive advantage. Since these platforms are designed for institutional use, they are not available to the general public.

Benefits of Online Brokerage Platforms

Online stock trading allows you to trade various securities such as stocks, futures, options, bonds, commodities, and currencies. All you need to start trading is a PC, laptop or phone with an internet connection. You can virtually invest in stocks from any location, including your office or home.

Real-Time Trading

Online stock trading provides you with the ability to place trades in real time. You can check the stock price, place the order and execute the trade within a few seconds.


Online tradings are pocket-friendly as you pay lower brokerage and other charges.

Instant Access To Market Data

Online trading platforms provide access to technical charts and investing tools which offer comprehensive research insights and statistics to traders and help them make informed investment decisions.


Traders can access their accounts with a click of a button to track their investments from any location and at any time.


Online brokerage platforms give you clear information about all the fees and charges associated with the trading account, including brokerage fees, taxes, and other costs. Thus, traders can accurately calculate the brokerage charges levied on their transactions.


Trading platforms make investment easy for people through their simple interface. If an investor is seeking to trade via online platforms, you can opt for the IIFL Markets App. This application gives investors the freedom to invest on their own or with the guidance of an investment professional. Choosing the right online brokerage platform depends on your capital and experience. Before making an investment, you must do your due diligence and research before committing to one.


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