5 Trending Oreo Dessert Recipes You Need to Try

The weekends are perhaps the most ideal time to prepare an interesting Oreo dessert. There is nothing more than preparing a light, fluffy, delicious dessert. Besides, it comes with a few ingredients only. 

You will be surprised when you see some of our recipes. They are simple, and don’t take more than 10-20 minutes. You can relax yourself, unwind, and come up with something exciting for yourself.  

Moreover, you can spend some quality time with your family or even yourself. There is more than relishing a favourite dessert. Oreo cookies are most loved by people of all ages. You can prepare them into milkshakes, desserts, and even pies, if you want to.

Here is a list of 5 interesting Oreo dessert recipes that you can try at home. Let us delve into them. 

Oreo Pizza

Here will be reading about how you can use the Oreo cookies and prepare a pizza with them. That is right. You read it correctly, we are going to make a pizza with the cookies. Let us find out from this simple oreo pizza recipe, to make a pizza from cookies. 


12 Oreo cookies

2 cups dark chocolate

1 cup butter

1½ cups castor sugar

¾ all-purpose flour

1 tsp baking soda

1 tsp baking powder

¾ cup Cadbury Cocoa Powder

½ cup milk

1 cup cream cheese


Take a medium bowl, and then place the cookies inside them. You need to crush the cookies inside them finely. 

You can then cut the dark chocolate.

You can then use the butter and sugar. Microwave the contents for 30 seconds. 

Make a ganache from the chocolate, butter, and sugar.

Now, take another bowl, and add the flour, powdered sugar, and baking soda.

You need to stir, and then add the baking powder and cocoa powder.

Sieve the contents.

Now, use the mixture and add them to the ganache. 

You can add the crushed cookies.

Now, add some milk.

Take a flat plate and spread the contents. 

Use the contents and bake the base. 

You bake it in your oven at 170 degrees Celsius for 25 minutes.

Mix 1/2 cup powdered sugar to cream cheese.

Then add 1 tsp vanilla extract.

You need to take a blender and blend the contents.

Use this mixture and spread evenly on the base.

You can add the toppings as the Oreo cookies.

You can add your own elements, like sliced fruits, if you want.

Pour some chocolate sauce if you want.

Your pizza is ready.

Oreo Mousse 

You must have had the chocolate mousse. This rich, thick, chocolate dipping can be had just like that. You can also use as a dipping and have any food item that you want. Moreover, it is commonly prepared in homes, as a dessert option. 

When you are in search of the perfect mousse, then we may have the answer through this simple oreo mousse recipe


1 large pack of Oreo cookies

150 ml heavy cream

50 gm of powdered sugar


Take a small bowl, and remove the cream from the cookies. 

Then place the cookies in another small bowl. 

Use a blender and blend the cookies finely.

Use another bowl, and mix the cream and powdered sugar.

You have to whisk the contents.

Use half of the cookies in the heavy cream.

Whisk them nicely.

Take a piping bag and use the mixture.

Then place them in cups.

You can add some crumbs of the cookies as the toppings.

Refrigerate for 2-3 hours.

Serve cold.

Oreo Mug Cake 

The Oreo mug cake is another interesting dish. You need a handful of ingredients to prepare this wonderful dish. The sheet delight that will appear on your face once this dessert is done, needs to be seen to be believed. All you need to do is take a spoon, and then dig inside.


4-5 Oreo cookies

Pinch of baking soda

1 tsp chocolate chips

1 tbsp milk

1/2 tsp oil


Take a large mug.

Take the cookies and break them coarsely inside. 

Leave them aside for now.

Take a small bowl, then add one teaspoon of oil, baking soda, and the milk. 

Mix the contents properly.

Use a fork and then mix all the contents.

Now, you can add the chocolate chips.

Mix everything properly.

Pour the mixture into the mug.

Then microwave it for 1-2 minutes.

Your cake is ready. 

Oreo Cake Pops

The Oreo cake pop is shaped like a lollipop. When you are found of lollipops or popsicles, then you would love this dish. Nothing better in the world, they have something sweet in your mouth for a few minutes. 


30 Oreo cookies

1 cup milk

1 cup chocolate sauce

1 cup almonds, cashew nuts, crushed

For Chocolate Sauce

1/2 tsp cocoa powder

1 tsp butter

4 Tbsp drinking chocolate powder 

1/2 cup milk

Pinch of powdered sugar


Take a small bowl, and then use the cookies.

Crush them into crumbs.

You can add some milk to the contents.

Now, make them into a paste.

Make it into a ball shape.

Then you need to use a toothpick, and prick the balls.

Now is the time to dip them into the chocolate sauce.

Your pop is ready to serve.

For the chocolate sauce, you need to add the chocolate, some butter, and 1/2 tsp cocoa powder. 

Mix it well, and heat using a microwave for 30 seconds.

Use milk to adjust the consistency.

When bitter, then you add some sugar.

Heat the contents on medium flame until it becomes thick. 

3-Ingredient Oreo Milkshake

The milkshake is the ideal dish that can be served cold, during the summer. When kids or even adults come back from the hot blazing sun, they like to have something cold, nourishing, and even relaxing. 

Nothing better than the milkshake. Besides, this dessert needs only a few ingredients. You can use your variations if you want, like chocolate ice cream or vanilla ice cream. You can prepare it according to your liking.


1 cup milk

Few scoops of vanilla/chocolate ice cream

10 sandwich cookies


Take a bowl, and add the ice cream, cookies, and the milk. 

Mix them gently. 

Then take a blender and blend them into a thick paste.

Take the same bowl, and crush the cookies coarsely. 

Use a tall mug, and transfer contents.

You can garnish with crushed cookies.

Refrigerate for 2-3 hours. 

Serve cold.


The above was some interesting Oreo based desserts that you may want to try at home today. They are easy to prepare, and light on the stomach. Besides, they are colorful, and beautiful to look at.

It is time to put on your baker’s hat and start preparing these lovely dishes. Why not take the help of your family members during the weekend afternoon? Perhaps, this may become a regular family weekend affair, for all you know. 

Do tell us, which one was your favourite among them all. 

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